Timings10AM X 7PM

Embedded System Based on 8051 & AVR Microcontrollers

Course Id Course Name Course duration Fees
Em-8051/AVR Embedded System Based on 8051 and AVR 45-days Rs. 8000

Course Content:

Basic Electronics and Components

  • Introduction to Electronics
  • Need of Electronics
  • Introduction to Active and Passive Components.
  • Passive Components
  • Active Components
  • Relays and Transformers
  • Switches

Introduction to Electronics

  • Introduction to an Electronic System
  • System and its types – open loop and Closed Loop
  • Hardware & Software – Components & Assembly
  • Languages & Software – Concepts
  • Engineering Concepts

Introduction to Integrated Circuits

  • Hardware Fundamentals
    • Definition of IC
    • Types
    • Identification
    • Field of Application

Study of Some Basic Integrated Circuits

  • Study of basic logic gates
  • Identification of ICs used for logic gates
  • Working principle of op-amps
  • Basic Darlington Transistor Devices (ULN2003)
  • Regulators (7805,7812)
  • Motor drivers (L293D etc.)
  • Comparators
  • And other IC’s which used in practical circuits during practical sessions.


  • Introduction of Embedded System- Microcontrollers and Microprocessors
  • History of Embedded system
  • Embedded System Hardware


  • Explanatory introduction of Microcontroller
  • History of Microcontroller
  • Criteria for choosing a Microcontroller
  • Different microcontrollers (INTEL, Philips, AVR)


  • Overview of the 8051 family
  • A brief history of the 8051
  • Classification of 8051 microcontroller family
  • Architecture of 8051 family
  • Pin configuration
  • Timer and Counter
  • Interrupt Control
  • Addressing modes


  • Overview of the AVR family
  • A brief history of the AVR
  • Classification of AVR microcontroller family
  • Architecture of AVR family
  • Pin configuration
  • Timer and Counter
  • Interrupt Control
  • Addressing modes

8051/AVR PROGRAMMING IN C/ Assembly/ Basic

  • Data type and time delay
  • I/O Programming
  • Logic Operations
  • Data conversion program
  • Basic programming of input output port
  • Interrupt Programming


  • LED interfacing
  • 7 segment display interfacing
  • LCD Interfacing
  • Keypad interfacing
  • TSOP Interfacing
  • Sensors interfacing
  • Motor interfacing ( dc motor , stepper motor)
  • RTC Interfacing
  • RF transmitter and receiver interfacing


  • Designing of PCB on the computer
  • Fabricating PCB from computer on to Copper Clad sheet
  • Different methods of PCB Fabrication
  • Component Placement and Soldering

Special Session on Introduction to Advanced Topics

  • RFID
  • GSM Based Security Systems
  • Fingerprint Module Interfacing and Management Systems
  • GYRO Meter/Accelerometer Based Projects
  • Bar Code Sensors


  • Real time clock (RTC) based projects with its interfacing using I2C protocolOther project using RF Transmission and Reception technique also included as per requirement in practical session.
  • Light Projects Using LEDs
  • 7 Segment Display Control and Interfacing
  • LCD Interfacing
  • DC Motor Drive and Control using Microcontroller and Motor Driver IC.
  • Stepper Motor Drive and Control using Microcontroller and Motor Driver IC
  • Interfacing Different Sensors such as Heat Sensor, Light Sensor, LDR etc.
  • Keypad Interfacing
  • DIP Switch Interfacing: Getting Input to Your Embedded System
  • Interrupts in Microcontrollers
  • HyperTerminal Based Control
  • Sound Project- Simple Buzzer interface
  • Temperature based project
  • Security System using TSOP and IR diode
    • Office security system
    • Auto Code Lock System.
  • GSM Interfacing with Microcontroller
  • RFID Interfacing with Microcontroller